About Us

Locally owned and operated.

At Jersey City Roofing, we are the champions of high quality roofing installations for residential and commercial clients throughout Jersey City, and beyond, including Hoboken, Hudson county & New York. We offer the complete roofing service, providing everything from flat roofing and single ply systems to green roofs, insulation, and waterproofing systems.

All our roofing work is guaranteed, based on a written estimate prior to work commencing and we are insurance company approved.

Our Roofing Services

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles
  • Cedar, Slate, Metal, Copper
  • Exteriors & Siding, Skylights
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Soffit, Fascia, Eaves trough, Gutter guard

We do it right - we do it by the book - or we don't do it at all.


You may not realize it but your guttering is one of the most important aspects of your property. Not only does it provide visitors with an attractive first impression, it also helps protect your property from water damage and flooding. As one of NY Metro Areas’ leading roof installation experts, we provide the complete guttering service to leave you with aesthetically pleasing, durable and reliable results. Our guttering is made from the highest quality uPVC and is designed to comprehensively provide your home or business with protection from general wear and tear, flooding and the water damage.


Your roof has to put up with extreme weather conditions, heavy rain, frost, glaring sunshine and strong winds. Damage and general wear and tear can easily lead to expensive rotting roof timbers and even threats to the general public if not dealt with. To counter this, we provide a full roof maintenance service designed to identify problems at the earliest stage and professionally remedy them before they turn into a serious issue. Utilizing the experience and expertise of our dedicated and professional roofers, we provide a complete maintenance and care service, ranging from a simple one off maintenance check to look for any potential problems to periodic preventative maintenance contracts to make sure flat roofs stay watertight.


A lot of heat can be lost through poorly constructed roofs or inadequately built loft spaces. At Jersey City Roofing, we can help to cut down your energy bills by fitting high quality and cost effective insulation. It doesn’t even matter what type of roof you have; whether it is a flat roof, pitched roof or warm roof, we will be able to provide effective roofing insulation, no matter how challenging the requirements. We only use the finest materials and equipment on all our installation projects.

Green Roofs.

We have access to the finest green roof materials and products, meaning a high quality and reliable roofing installation for your property. Green roofs are essentially a layer of vegetation, waterproofing and drainage elements that is installed on top of an existing or new roof system. Why not join hundreds of other homeowners and commercial businesses and have a green roof installed on top of your existing or new roof? You will be doing your bit for the environment while effectively protecting your roof and property from the elements.

Emergency Repairs.

Sudden damage or roof failure can cause financial, as well as physical, headache. Our emergency repairs service is there for you to fall back on. Should the unthinkable happen and you notice that your roof is damaged, give us a call us and we will immediately dispatch one of our vastly experienced and highly skilled roofers to your property. Once at your property, our roofer will survey the roof and offer honest and impartial advice and guidance before providing a very competitive quote. If you give the go-ahead, they will then carry out any necessary repairs or replacements.

Call anytime throughout the year, we offer snow & ice removal service in the winter months as well!

We do all the roofing, whatever you need. Stat with a free quote now!